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CAE Practice Tests Plus 1

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Тесты для подготовки к экзамену CAE
Give your students all the exam practice they need using the Practice Tests Plus series. Each book has complete practice exams, accurate to the exam level and format, as well as useful tips to enhance your students’ chance of exam success.

What’s special about Practice Tests Plus?
- Your PET students can sit computer based tests – the CD-ROM with PET Practice Tests Plus 2 includes two practice tests that exactly model the authentic, computer based test
- Reassure your students with task specific hints and tips on how to get the right answer
- Each book has a number of additional ‘plus’ features including grammar and vocabulary practice, functions banks and FAQs

Book PDF (by argyre )  
or in jpg collection

NEW (by jaybeere )
OCRed pdf    (5,38 Mb)

full scan:    (19,96 Mb)

eMule (audio only):

File size: 64 Mb 
File type: mp3 64 KBs (TapeRip)

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